Anjuman -I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls

A building was constructed in 1986  by the magnanimous Mrs Noorah Al Bassam of the Al Bassam family in memory of her brother Mr. Khalid Bassam, who died at a young age. This building houses the Noorah-al-Basam hall on the ground floor. Anjuman-I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls was established on 9th August 1994 on th eupper two floors of this building. The stone laying ceremony of this building was done at the hands of none other than the film star and ex-Anjumanite Mr Dilip Kumar saheb. The Polytechnic has devoted itself to the cause of education, health care, and social reforms of the downtrodden and underprivileged women.  Anjuman-I-Islam’s Polytechnic has been in the service of the community for over 25 years. Initially, the Polytechnic started taking its baby steps with just 16 girls. The Polytechnic is committed to the promotion and propagation of excellence in vocational education. The main focus is to impart domain-specific knowledge, flexible skill mix, positive attitudes, ethically sound values, and continuous learning habits through reflective thinking in a student. The objective is to unleash the potential within students for excelling in the chosen educational field. Our earnest attempt is to see that all this should take place with a sense of purpose, pride, direction, and commitment.