Pre-School Teachers Training

In India and all across the world, teaching is not only seen as a profession but also a passion. Recognised by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examination, the Pre-School Teacher Training course by AIPTECH is a comprehensive course for pre-school and primary school teachers. This course for teachers is created ensuring that all methodologies are incorporated to then offer a holistic Teachers Training programme. In India, Certified Pre Primary Teachers are in demand and this course from AIPTECH helps teachers develop their skills and understand teaching concepts.

On completion of this course, teachers are eligible to teach from Nursery to Class 1. AIPTECH’s Diploma Course in Pre-School Teachers Training provides case studies as well as research assignments to further enhance and facilitate teachers’ skills.

At AIPTECH, admission in Diploma in Pre-School Teachers Training Course is on the basis of academic merit and/ or a written entrance test.