Our USPs

Facilities and Infrastructure

The Polytechnic has excellent infrastructure and facilities to make learning an easy and comfortable experience.

Excellent Track Record

The students of the Polytechnic since inception have excelled at their academics and as a result have become successful entrepreneurs or have got themselves well placed jobs, resulting in them making the institute and their families proud, as they have become financially empowered.


The Polytechnic has the requisite infrastructure for imparting quality education. As per the section and department, classrooms are designed,assigned, spacious, airy, and well lit to ensure comfortable time while learning skills.


It is the Centre of our academic activities, It boasts of a large collection of 1,600 books, journals, magazines & books on General knowledge. We also have books of Fashion Designing, Cooking, Fiction, Nonfiction, Language, Computer, Beauty Culture, Art & Craft, Embroidery & Needle work, Preschool, General Reference, literature, Management, There is a separate section for teachers so that they keep themselves abreast with the changing trends in education.

Ladies Room

The institute takes special care by providing a Ladies Room. The main purpose of the ladies’ room is to provide privacy to the girl students. This room doubles up as a rest room when they are not well.

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV)

In order to monitor to ensure the safety & security of the girl students. The complete institute is covered by CCTVs.


The inhouse Counselor identifies students with problems and remedial teaching is undertaken for such students.
Counseling provides mental health services to all the members of the education institution, students, parents and the faculty of the institute. The vision of the Centre is to inspire Learners to become confident, knowledgeable, open-minded, and responsible global citizens.

The mental health services of our Counselling aims to:
1. Ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.
2. Help them to deal with crises.
3. Address student’s social-emotional needs.
4. Remedial education by the Center’s Special Educators includes providing individualized basic skills instruction to students who have identified deficiency in reading, writing and individual learning needs with the primary aim of integrating them into mainstream learning.


The Anjuman-I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls, Pune, is situated in the central part of Pune at 25, Bund Garden Road in the Peermohamed campus. The polytechnic campus location is also convenient for students as it is well connected to different parts of the city. Public transport, private transport, concierge services also can be available if required.