Executive Chairman’s Message

Mr. Haseeb Faquih

Executive Chairman

The Polytechnic has just completed 25 glorious years of service to humankind by providing valuable opportunities to the ladies to acquire skills sets that will empower them to be independent and confident contributors to self, family, the community and the nation.

The courses conducted have been carefully chosen to be affordable and well suited in the quest to be gainfully employed, whether from home or places of work. A host of courses both autonomous and affiliated to government bodies leading to certification and diplomas have provided our alumni with gainful employment and have them made bread earners for themselves and their families. The successes of our meritorious students warm the cockles of the heart and provide us the wind beneath our wings to soar to greater heights.

The journey so far has been possible only due to the management both at the local and the Head office levels who have worked tirelessly to bring into fruition this institute of repute. The magnanimity of our wellwishers and donors have facilitated us to provide a host of scholarships which have seen hundreds of students take benefit. I am confident that the years ahead shall ensure greater contributions from these sincere and dedicated individuals who shall motivate new members of the society to indulge in their largesses to sustain the initiative. The Anjuman – Islam’s Polytechnic students are extremely talented and eager learners who go out in to the world as go getters and achievers.

I wish the management team, the staff and students the very best.