Ms Neha A Soans

Ms Neha A Soans (Headmistress of Podar Jumbo Kids)

As an Early Childhood Educator with a successful experience of 10 years, I feel it’s aptly said “The biggest adventure you can take is living the life of your dreams”. Being an Educator was my Childhood dream which was fulfilled when I joined Preschool Teacher’s Training course at Anjuman-I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls in the year 2007. It showed me the right path and my journey began. The course helped me gain knowledge of child development and made me learn how to plan next steps for supporting a child’s progress. It also helped to comprehend emotional concepts for children. We also got hands-on experience during the course which was very advantageous.

Challenges and obstacles can be prevailed only through patience and persistence. My Mantra is if we believe and work hard we can achieve anything in life. There is no shortcut to Success.