Ms Nigar Shaikh

Being from a middle class family, my dream was always to become a successful fashion designer. My journey started in Pune. I got admission in Anjuman -I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls where as a student, I got an opportunity to get quality education and skill – set from the first day of college I got the love and affection and affection and serious dedication of the teachers. All the staff is very supportive and full of motivation. After passing out I started looking for jobs. I gave a number of interviews and then I got a job in a company named “ More Mischief for Embroidery Designing. There I worked for 2 years. Then I was selected by another company named, Style by Gulam Ali’ as a designer. Then came a moment that I have been waiting for. A time in my life brought a day where I got a chance to work as a costume designer for a Marathi movie.

Today I am working in the Marathi film industry as a costume designer. Some of my works can be seen on screen in short films like, “NAKSHAL” in Hindi, Marathi serials ”सण” , “आम्ही अतिशहाणे”, ”रांजण” and ”मिथुन”.

My up – coming new Marathi movie “बलोच”, the work for it is in process.

At the end I can only say that my dream has come true because of Anjuman -I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls. It is because of the encouragement of the staff and their tireless will to work till student is independent, that I am where I am today.