The national days are celebrated at Anjuman-I-Islam’s Polytechnic for Girls with fervor and patriotism. With the aim of nurturing the feeling of respect, love, dedication of the motherland among the younger generation. Every year, on this day, the Polytechnic presents a theme-based program, based on topics like peace, Tricolor, Jai Maharashtra, Women Empowerment, and Unity in Diversity. The celebration includes /students’ prade and various cultural programmers, social responsibilities. To develop a sense of social obligations and spread the ideas about individual and group civic responsibilities, AIPTECH organizes several projects with the help of its staff and students, for instance the River Cleaning project, Swachhta Abhyan, Tree plantation, Sports day, Old- Age home visits to pamper the elderly generation are some of the many social initiatives taken up by the institute. The aim behind this is to generate a level of sensitivity, compassion, and humanity towards social issues in our society among the future generation.

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